Brahman Cattle and American Quarter Horses
American Brahman Cattle, F1 Cattle, Cross Bred Cattle and American Quarter Horses have been part of the Barthle Brother Ranch heritage in Florida for years. The Barthle Family has been raising Registered Gray Brahman Cattle, F1 Cattle, Cross Bred Cattle and American Quarter Horses in Central Florida since the days of the open range in the early 1900’s. While the land the ranch is located on provides a home for both cattle and horses, it is also used for hunting leases, seed harvesting, pine trees and hay. The land for the location today was purchased in the 1930’.
Our Florida ranch is also home for feeder calves, as we utilize Angus, Hereford, and Brahman cross cattle. Charolais bulls are also utilized in a terminal cross where all of their calves are sold at weaning. Some of the crossbred steers are shipped directly to western states through retained ownership to collect performance and carcass information. The crossbred cattle operation is a 3 breed rotational system utilizing registered Brahman bulls, registered Angus bulls and registered Hereford bulls. Most of our crossbred calves are sold through video auctions. These calves are sold in semi truck load lots. Part are fed through retained ownership in South Texas each fall to collect carcass and performance information.
At Barthle Brothers Ranch we know that in our Florida subtropical environment the most important part of our crossbred program is the Brahman breed influence because of their adaptability to the Florida subtropical environment. Every third generation the crossbreeding system rotates back to Brahman sired females.
Our registered American Brahman cattle herd is selected for traits that are useful for the BEEF industry and consumers. We strive to produce moderate framed, structurally sound, efficient Brahman cattle. Our Brahman cattle work in Central Florida pastures and the showring. Our registered American Brahman Cattle have excelled in the showring as well as producing numerous Register of Renown bulls and cows. We have been honored for our Brahman cattle to receive these awards from the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA.)
We also have several cows with the Maternal Merit distinction from the American Brahman Breeders Association, as well as two of the prestigious Vanguard cows. There are only a few Vanguard cows in the entire American Brahman Breeders Registry, so this is clearly a honor for a breeder to have this type of Brahman cow in their Brahman herd.
Our American Quarter Horses go back to the AQHA breeds foundation bloodlines. We have mixed AQHA Foundation bloodlines with some of the most current and popular AQHA genetics to produce outstanding performance Quarter Horses. We strive to produce horses that are athletic, well shaped, gentle and have a lot of cow sense. Our Quarter Horses have been used for generations working cattle. We are proud to have been producing American Quarter Horses for over 50 years and are proud members of the AQHA.
At Barthle Brothers Ranch we are proud that we have top horses in a number of disciplines, such a variety of rodeo events, including Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Calf Roping, Team Roping, Pole Bending, Goat Tying and more. Our horses can be found being used in Working Cowhorse, Reining, Cutting and Team Penning Events. We have even produced English Performance horses and our horses have gone on to be successful in the Hunter & Jumper arena as well as performed well in Dressage.
Barthle Brothers Ranch is a diversified Agricultural operation in Central Florida. Situated in Central Florida, north of Tampa, Barthle Brothers Ranch is located in Pasco County, Florida; north and west of Dade City, Florida and San Antonio, Florida; and south of Brooksville, Florida. While a primary focus on the ranch is producing crossbred calves for sale at weaning we also offer guided Quail and Turkey Hunts at the ranch. We believed Central Florida was in need of a high quality, Quail and Turkey Hunting facility with exceptional habitat for quail and wild turkey. We knew there were areas of our ranch that would be perfect for this endeavor and have been pleased with the results and the success of this program.
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