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BB Mr Grande Bevan 641
Registration #:916040
Sire:JDH Douglas Manso 743/4
Dam:BB Ms Lady Tomas 6151
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BW 70 lbs. First calf from a 3 yr old heifer. 6151 has turned into one of the best cows on the ranch. Born in 2000 she has produced 5 consecutive calves and is bred again in 2017. Going back 4 generations of his pedigree you will find 3 Maternal Merit Females, 1 Maternal Merit Sire, and 1 Vanguard cow. Plus multiple ABBA Trait Leaders for Performance and Carcass Traits. 641/3 was sold to the University of Georgia and we retained a semen interest.
BB Mr Grande Bevan 641
JDH MR Bevin Manso 736/3
+JDH Sir Liberty Manso 847/5
JDH Coweta Manso 172/3
=JDH Natasha Manso 140/3
(+)JDH Copano Manso 839/9
=JDH MS Vanna Manso 237/2
BB MS Lady Tomas 6151/0
MDS Docs Jrs JT Tomas 259/1
+MSP Doc Holiday Jr 766
MDS Lady JT Tomas 447
BB MS Lady Sugar 446
BB Sugar Rex Manso 238
BB MS Grace Manso 294