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782 BB Mr Sunny Cherra 782
Registration #:992253 (AI)
Sire:Mr. Sunland 84/1
Dam:BB Ms Oma Manso 737
Price:call for pricing
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BW 77 lbs. Dam is a first calf heifer. Sire is owned by our good friend Loren Pratt of Arizona. 84/1 was a long lasting, fertile, female producing bull. EPDs at registration: BW +1.3, WW +16.4, YW +25.1, Milk +2.3, Carc Wt. +17.8, Doc. +2.93.

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782 BB Mr Sunny Cherra 782
JDH Mr. Manso 440/1
(=)JDH Mr. Manso 209/9
JDH Lady Manso 461/9
+Gracey of Sugarland 143
Sugarlands Poncrata 146
Gracey of Sugarland 116
BB Ms Oma Manso 737
NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
MSP Dubo Cherra 45/1
NMSU 6X Cloverdale 5118
BB Ms Sugar Sage 644
+JDH Mr Manso 236/3
BB Ms Sugar 511