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Freckles Playboy Chosen to be Inducted into American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame

Ten honorees – five men and five horses – will join the 144 people and 89 horses already in the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

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National Cattleman’s Beef Association group visits Barthle Brothers Ranch

Pasco County welcomed cattle ranchers from across the nation Tuesday as it showcased the region’s beef producers for those attending the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention. The convention, which opens today, is being held at the Tampa Convention Center. The pre-convention tour held Tuesday included visits to

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National Cattleman’s Beef Association

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) will be holding their annual convention in Tampa, FL the first week in February. The convention holds industry tours prior to the convention to showcase local agricultural enterprises. Organizers want to show out of state attendees Florida cattle and the importance

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Bird Dog Training Seminar

September 15, 2012 Event starts at 8 a.m. Come and enjoy a day of instructional training at Three Pines Preserve Located 30 minutes north of Tampa and 20 minutes south of Brooksville at Barthle Brothers Ranch on S.R. 52, ¼ mile east of Ehrin Cuttoff Demonstrating various

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Barthle Brothers Ranch’s Commitment to Maternal Ability – Vanguard Cows

Barthle Brothers, a long-time Brahman operation in Florida, owns two of the twelve Vanguard females: $BB Ms Manso 87 and $BB Empress Berch 286. “It is an honor knowing we have two of the twelve cows that have qualified for this award,” says Larry Barthle, an ABBA member from Florida.

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“This Is My Story”- Barthle Brothers Ranch

The Barthle family name also began appearing in Florida’s cattle records in the 1930s and 1940s. “At that time our cattle, like most, were open-ranged in the eastern part of our county. Cattle intermingled with neighbors,” said Larry Barthle, a member of the third generation of the ranch. Though this may have fostered a lack of incentive to breed up to improve genetics, it did run straight into a barbed-wire fence and the importance of the Barthle family’s need for the Brahman breed.

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Barthle Brothers Ranch featured in Western Horesman

There’s always plenty to do on the Barthle Brothers Ranch, and this particular spring day is exceptionally hectic. In addition to recordkeeping, checking cows, monitoring mineral levels, fixing fence, rotating pastures and other chores, Larry is also hosting a media tour of his four-generation family ranch and expecting a video-marketing crew to come shoot footage of calves for an upcoming auction.

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News:: NCBA Announces 2002 Stewardship Winners

Region II winner Barthle Brothers Ranch, San Antonio, Florida, is increasingly penned in by urban sprawl. The 8,250-acre ranch, started in the 1930s by J.A. Barthle, is now operated jointly by several descending families, including Jeanette and Jim Sutton, Randy and Patty Barthle, Jan and Ed Dillard, Steve Barthle, Kathy and Steve Paige, Larry and Lynn Barthle, and Mark and Tammy Barthle.

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News:: Barthle Brothers Ranch’s Environmental Effort Honored

The Barthle’s 8,000-acre ranch, north of State Road 52 near Ehren Cutoff, was selected by a panel that included the Nature Conservancy, the state’s water management districts, and forestry, citrus, dairy, cattlemen’s, and fish and wildlife agencies and associations.

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News:: Florida’s Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Awards

The family-owned and operated Barthle Brothers Ranch of San Antonio, Florida, was formed in the 1930s by businessman J.A. Barthle. His sons, Joseph and Albert, from whom the ranch takes its name, carried on their father’s work. Today, J.A. Barthle’s grandsons and daughters carry on the family tradition with the help of their children.

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