Brahman Cattle and American Quarter Horses

Angus Sale Cattle

2018 Angus Bulls
Yon Tour of Duty F382RB Tour of Duty 177Yon Witch B42310/08/17
L&B 841KCF Bennett Fortress 331Yon Hazel Z49810/01/17
L&B Future Destiny 82TRM Privilege 5113Yon Edina D18110/12/17
L&B 843TRM Privilege 5113Yon Edina Y36411/19/17
L&B 844TRM Privilege 5113WW Predestined 135 of 425411/22/17
L&B 845TRM Privilege 5113Turner Donna 3419 (87)11/30/17
L&B 846TRM Privilege 5113GM Irvington Lass M2312/10/17
L&B 847GAR Proactive 6825Yon Sarah A51312/15/17
L&B 848TRM Privilege 5113GM Irvington Rita M6412/15/17
L&B 849TRM Privilege 5113Yon Witch A479 (332)12/19/17
L&B 850TRM Privilege 5113JM Miss New Chisum 17912/20/17
L&B 851TRM Privilege 5113Turner 9190 3404 (88)12/25/17
L&B 852TRM Privilege 5113WW Maid 43 of Net Worth 20212/25/17
L&B 853TRM Privilege 5113GM Evening Erica M12401/20/18
Yon Black Granite F525Connealy Black GraniteYon Hazel A12410/24/17
L&B 854Tex Playbook 5437Yon Witch A34303/01/18
2018 Angus Heifers
L&B 814TRM Privilege 5113Bannister Virginia 8911/17/17
L&B 815TRM Privilege 5113WW Pierre Complete 23411/20/17
L&B 816TRM Privilege 5113Yon Queen X63312/10/17
L&B 817TRM Privilege 5113Turner 865 3413 (90)12/12/17
L&B 818TRM Privilege 5113GM Erianna T510 M5001/24/18
Sires of 2018 Angus Bulls
Connealy Black Granite Connealy Consensus 7229Eura Elga of Conanga 910901/13/2011
TRM Privilege 5113SAV Privilege 3030Ambrose Bonnie P1408/29/15
KCF Bennett Fortress 331Connealy ConsensusThomas Patricia 970509/25/11
RB Tour of Duty 177Werner War Party 2417BA Lady 6807 30501/24/11
GAR Proactive 6825GAR ProfitGAR Daybreak 152109/08/15
Tex Playbook 5427Basin Payweight 1682Rita 1C43 of 9M26 Completet08/03/15

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